The Staff

Matt ‘The Hitman Hoover – Co-Founder, Host, Producer

Matt is a life long Philadelphia Sports fan and obvious Pro Wrestling Fan. Matt’s favorites include Bret Hart, the nWo, everything ECW, and has an eye for the ladies of wrestling. Matt is the creator of Pro Wrestling Fix and is involved in every aspect of the site.

The Big Mac Matthew ‘Show Stopper’ Caruso – Co-Founder and Co-Host

Matthew is a life long Pro Wrestling Fan with a real passion for independent wrestling. Matt has attended many Pro Wrestling shows over the years including WWF, ECW, TNA, ROH, CZW and more! Matthew has heavily invested both financially and with his time into Pro Wrestling Fix and leads the Social Media department, especially Twitter.

The Professor Anthony ‘Tony’ Pires – Co-Host

Anthony is a strong personality here on the website, arguably the fan favorite too! Anthony is known as the Professor for his wealth of knowledge on the history of Pro Wrestling and his lectures on the product. Anthony enjoys bringing reviews of past shows and opinion based solo Pro Wrestling Fix’s. Tony is one of the voices of the site everyone tunes into listen too.

Frank ‘Eater of Words’ Fisher – Co-Host

Frank has enjoyed all aspects of Professional Sports especially Football, Baseball and Pro Wrestling his entire life. A Lead Guitarist and Singer currently with Deadman Rising, Frank lends his voice here on Podcast. Frank also serves as the Advisor to Matt Hoover in all aspects of the site, as a sounding board, idea man, and creative consultant. Frank is more of the utility man here on the website willing to help out in any way.

Dr. Nick ‘Tiny’ Kramer – Co-Host

Nick Kramer was coined the Doctor by Matt Hoover during the first conversation the two had back in 2001, for his expert advice and overall knowledge. Nick brings that to Pro Wrestling Fix and so much more! A former radio broadcaster he brings a wealth of knowledge and as a life long Pro Wrestling fan and former member of the Seattle Mariners he also brings experience in all he does. Nick also host his own solo Pro Wrestling Fix’s from time to time.