Pro Wrestling Fix #36 – Pitbull Gary Wolfe

In the latest Pro Wrestling Fix, Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover has the privilege to be joined by the Pitbull Gary Wolf! Gary talks about his beginnings training at the Monster Factory, Some of the guys he broke in with and his early beginnings in the WWF and Japan! Gary talks about the differences between Japanse wrestling from the 80s and 90s till present day, the early days of ECW , Winning the ECW Television title, Teaming with his late great tag partner Anthony Durante, and winning the ECW World Tag Team Titles. Pitbull also discusses appearing at the ECW One Night Stand PPV and why we haven’t seen in him TNA! Gary discusses wrestling for XPW, Philadelphia Independents, His unique take on the ECW reunion shows good and bad! Gary holds nothing back discussing Extreme Rising, his career regrets and so much more! An awesome hour-long interview well worth your time! Check it Out!

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