ProWrestlingFix #8 – Strictly ECW’S Tony Lewis!

In the latest Pro Wrestling Fix, Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover and Anthony ‘Professor’ Pires are privileged to be joined by Tony Lewis of StrictlyECW fame! Tony graciously joined us for a great interview discussing all things ECW. Tony goes into great detail how the website StrictlyECW came to exist, and the conflict it faced with rival sites! Tony also discusses why he called for a boycott of RF Video! Tony discusses how he discovered ECW, his favorite moments, why the company closed and more! Tony also talks about his work getting ECW back on television in the New York City market, Helping get ECW back on PPV, Trying to get ECW on Showtime, the live experience of ECW and so much more!
If you’re a fan of the original ECW, listen to this interview from ECW’s most loyal fan! Tony had the pleasure of catching John Cena’s shirt at the ECW One Night Stand 2 and then wiping his ass with it, listen to find out how that experience came about!Tony talks about the brotherhood he developed with some of ECW’s most loyal fans! The interview went well over 2 hours so words just cannot describe this master piece check it!

ProWrestlingFix #6 – Ruckus Interview!

In latest Pro Wrestling Fix Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover and Matt ‘Mac’ Caruso have the privilege to be joined by CZW Star Ruckus! Ruckus talks about Backyard Wrestling and breaking into the business! Ruckus talks about his CZW career, touring in Japan and around the World! Ruckus also talks about his Ring of Honor runs, discussing a possible deal with TNA at different times and more! Ruckus tell us about the MTV Wrestling Society X project, Seeing the Balls Mahoney and New Jack backstage fight and so much more! Check it out!

ProWrestlingFix #4 – Mr. Curtis Hughes Interview!

In the fourth Pro Wrestling Fix, Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover and Matt ‘Big Mac’ Caruso are joined by Mr. Curtis Hughes! Curtis talks about breaking into the business, Wrestling in the AWA, some of his influences and more! Mr. Hughes talks about joining WCW and his road stories there and of course his run in the WWF. Hughes talks about wrestling the Undertaker and being the bodyguard for Triple H and Chris Jericho. He also talks about his run ECW and why he left there and more. Please be sure to check out his wrestling school as well! Thanks!

Pro Wrestling Fix Podcast#3 – Fall of Jim Crockett Promotions, Attidude Era HOF Questions, and More!

In the third edition of The Pro Wrestling Fix Podcast,Matt ‘The Hitman’ Hoover and Anthony ‘Professor’ Pires discuss what led to the downfall of Jim Crockett Promotions! We discuss every major mistake, including the botched UWF invasion, as well of course Magnum TA. Later in the show we get into what former WWF attitude era midcarders could end up in the Hall of Fame soon. And as promised we discussed Batista and whether he could be returning soon. As you can tell we played a lot of Fantasy Booker on this show! Enjoy and stay tuned for more!